Pubs & talks

I have published 37 peer-reviewed research papers in journals ranging from the highly specialized West African ornithological journal Malimbus to Science and Nature. So far, these papers have been cited some 2,200 times, rendering an h-index of 16. Anyone interested in more numbers can dig into my Google Scholar profile.

In addition to peer-reviewed papers, I have also authored two book chapters, 30 popular science papers (some in English but most in Swedish), and a couple of editorials.

Also, check out selected scientific talks.

Preprints (not yet peer-reviewed)

Stervander M, Melo M, Jones P & Hansson B. 2022. Genomic signatures of isolation, hybridization, and selection during speciation of island finches. bioRxiv 2022.01.05.474904. DOI: 10.1101/2022.01.05.474904.

Read the non-reviewed preprint manuscript at bioRxiv.
Datasets freely available at Zenodo: DOI


In press

Illera JC, Rando JC, Melo M, Valente LL & Stervander M. 2024. Avian island radiations shed light on the dynamics of adaptive and non-adaptive radiation. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology, in press. DOI: 10.1101/cshperspect.a041451.


Most recent research papers

Stiller J, Feng S, Chowdhury A-A, Rivas-González I, Duchene D, Fang Q, Deng Y, Kozlov A, Stamatakis A, Claramunt S, Nguyen JMT, Ho SYW, Faircloth BC, Haag J, Houde P, Cracraft J, Balaban M, Mai U, Chen G, Gao R, Zhou C, Xie Y, Huang Z, Cao Z, Yan Z, Ogilvie HA, Nakhleh L, Lindow B, Morel B, Fjeldså J, Hosner P, Fonseca R, Petersen R, Tobias JA, Székely T, Kennedy JD, Reeve AH, Liker A, Stervander M, Antunes A, Tietze DT, Bertelsen M, Lei F, Rahbek C, Graves G, Schierup M, Warnow T, Braun EL, Gilbert MTP, Jarvis ED, Mirarab S & Zhang G. 2024. Complexity of avian evolution revealed by family-level genomes. Nature 629: 851–860. DOI: 10.1038/s41586-024-07323-1.

Read paper at Nature.


Alström P, Mohammadi Z, Donald PF, Nymark M, Enbody ED, Irestedt M, Elisha EB, Ndithia HK, Tieleman BI, Engelbrecht D, Olsson U, Rancilhac L & Stervander M. 2024. Integrative taxonomy reveals unrecognised species diversity in African Corypha larks (Aves: Alaudidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 200: 1080–1108. DOI: 10.1093/zoolinnean/zlad107.


García-Navas V, Stervander M & Alström P. 2024. Diversification history and morphological evolution of larks. Evolutionary Journal of the Linnean Society 3: kzae002. DOI: 10.1093/evolinnean/kzae002.


Latest book chapters

Fjeldså J, Christidis L, Ericson PGP, Stervander M, Ohlson JI, Alström P. 2020. An updated classification of passerine birds. In: Fjeldså J, Christidis L & Ericson PGP (eds). The Largest Avian Radiation: The Evolution of Perching Birds, or the Order Passeriformes (pp 45–64). Lynx Edicions, Barcelona.

Stervander M, Fjeldså J, Christidis L, Ericson PGP, Ohlson JI, Alström P. 2020. An updated chronology of passerine birds. In: Fjeldså J, Christidis L & Ericson PGP (eds). The Largest Avian Radiation: The Evolution of Perching Birds, or the Order Passeriformes (pp 387–396). Lynx Edicions, Barcelona.

Most cited research paper (500+ times)

Jonzen2006ScienceJonzén N, Lindén A, Ergon T, Knudsen E, Vik JO, Rubolini D, Piacentini D, Brinch C, Spina F, Karlsson L, Stervander M, Andersson, A, Waldenström J, Lehikoinen A, Edvardsen E, Solvang R & Stenseth NC. 2006. Rapid advance of spring arrival dates in long-distance migratory birds. Science 312: 1959–1961. DOI: 10.1126/science.1126119. Undergraduate author.

Read paper. Highly cited. 2006 Classic Paper according to Google Scholar. Featured in the book Science Magazine’s State of the Planet 2008–2009.


Most buzzed-about research papers

Inaccessible Rail (photo: Peter G. Ryan) Stervander M, Ryan PG, Melo M & Hansson B. 2019. The origin of the world’s smallest flightless bird, the Inaccessible Island Rail Atlantisia rogersi (Aves: Rallidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 130: 92–98. DOI: 10.1016/j.ympev.2018.10.007.

Read paper at Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Datasets freely available at Zenodo: DOI

Media coverage from 200+ outlets in 30+ languages, with links to articles in e.g. Smithsonian Magazine, Atlas Obscura, and Gizmodo.


Melo2017Ibis_bMelo M*, Stervander M*, Hansson B & Jones P. 2017. The endangered São Tomé Grosbeak Neospiza concolor is the world’s largest canary. Ibis 159: 673–679. DOI: 10.1111/ibi.12466. *Shared first authorship.

Read paper at Ibis. Read my popular summary blog post and our post on the BOU blog. Media coverage from 60 outlets in four languages including e.g. National Geographic and New Scientist.



Feng S*, Stiller J*, Deng Y*, Armstrong J*, Fang Q, Reeve AH, … Stervander M, … Lei F, Rahbek C, Gilbert MTP, Graves GR, Jarvis ED, Paten B & Zhang G. 2020. Dense sampling of bird diversity increases power of comparative genomics. Nature 587: 252–257. DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2873-9. *Shared first authorship. See list of peer-reviewed papers for full author list.

Read Open Access paper at Nature.


Sting paper calling out predatory publishing

Stervander M & Haelewaters D. 2020. Fishiness of piscine birds linked to absence of poisonous fungi but not pizza. Oceanography & Fisheries Open Access Journal 12(5): 555850. DOI: 10.19080/OFOAJ.2020.12.555850.

Read this ploy Open Access “paper” at Oceanography & Fisheries Open Access Journal, and marvel at the astonishing scientific breakthroughs that we present. Or perhaps be bewildered over the predatory journal industry publishing our high-quality gobbledegook.