In my project on the evolution of flight loss in rails, I am working closely with with Pete Hosner, Alex Bond and Jaime Chaves.

My postdoc project on the craniofacial development and evolution of pipefish and seahorses was carried out with Bill Cresko and Dominic Wright as hosts, including collaborations in the labs of Bill Cresko and John Postlethwait, later expanded to Ingo Braasch and Drew Thompson.

In my ongoing projects on speciation, phylogenomics and taxonomy, I work closely with Bengt Hansson, Staffan Bensch, Martim Melo, Per Alström, Juan Carlos Illera, Maja Tarka, and Peter Ryan. Some of my further collaborators are Miriam Liedvogel, Urban OlssonB10KPäckert, Ulf Ottosson, The GenePool, and BGI. I am also a member of the Bird10K consortium, aiming at sequencing the genomes of all bird species on Earth.

My days in the realm of bird migration phenology were accompanied by the late Niclas Jonzén, Åke Lindström, and Arne Andersson, whereas wader migration studies have been carried out with Jonas Waldenström, Soladoye Iwajomo, and Anders Helseth.