I have published 16 peer reviewed research papers in journals ranging from the highly specialized West African ornithological journal Malimbus to Science. So far, these papers have been cited some 830 times, rendering an h-index of 10. Anyone interested in more numbers can dig into my Google Scholar profile.

In addition to peer reviewed papers, I have also authored 30 popular science papers, some in English but most in Swedish.

Most recent research paperS

Melo2017Ibis_bMelo, M.*, Stervander, M.*, Hansson, B. & Jones, P. 2017. The endangered São Tomé Grosbeak Neospiza concolor is the world’s largest canary. Ibis 159: 673–679. Read paper at Ibis. Read my popular summary blog post and our post on the BOU blog. See full media coverage in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish, with full-text links to e.g. National Geographic and New Scientist!


Stervander2016MPEStervander, M., Alström, P., Olsson, U., Ottosson, U., Hansson, B. & Bensch, S. 2016. Multiple instances of paraphyletic species and cryptic taxa revealed by mitochondrial and nuclear RAD data for Calandrella larks (Aves: Alaudidae). Molecular Phylogenetic and Evolution 102: 233–245. Read paper at MPE. Read popular summary blog post.


Most cited research paper (350+ times)

Jonzen2006ScienceJonzén, N., Lindén, A., Ergon, T., Knudsen, E., Vik, J. O., Rubolini, D., Piacentini, D., Brinch, C., Spina, F., Karlsson, L., Stervander, M., Andersson, A, Waldenström, J., Lehikoinen, A., Edvardsen, E. Solvang, R. & Stenseth, N. C. 2006. Rapid advance of spring arrival dates in long-distance migratory birds. Science 312: 1959–1961. Read paper. 2006 Classic Paper according to Google Scholar.